Social Media Can be a Helpful Tool

You’re having an issue with your chainsaw. You have tried different solutions but she just doesn’t seem right. You now have run out of ideas. You’d still like to fix it yourself though to save time and money. What do you do?

Fortunately, this is 2014. You now have the world at the ready. All you need is the internet. You can visit Facebook, Twitter, or Google to ask questions that may help you find the answer to your problem. There are many forums such as Chainsaw Repair Forum or the Arborist Forum where people who know their stuff can help you out. Another great source for info is YouTube. Go to and search chainsaw repair and you will have many videos to watch. Many of these are very informative and can point you in the right direction. The best part is, all of it is free! How can you beat that?

One of the drawbacks though to asking questions on a forum such as Saw Hawgz is that you will get a lot of different opinions. Look through the forum posts so you can get an idea about which posters seem to know their stuff and which are “wanna-be’s.” They are usually easy to spot.

So now you have resources you can go if you get stuck during your DIY chainsaw or other small engine project.



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