School Starting Back Means Cold Weather is Approaching

School buses all of America are firing up again. This can mean only one thing. Summer is over and fall is fast approaching. It’s time to start getting those chain saws back up and running and cut those fireplace size logs now before it gets too cold outside. Many of you may go out to the shed and put the chainsaw to use, only discover it isn’t running quite as well as it was last time you cut wood. Here are some things you may encounter and possible solutions:

Won’t start: This could be caused by many things but is most likely an electrical problem. This might mean a new ignition coil, or it could just need a new spark plug. Also could be a carburetor problem.

You go to pull the cord and it won’t budge: This sounds like you may need a new starter recoil spring or perhaps an entire starter assembly.

You pull the cord and it pulls way to easy: This could be a sign you need a new cylinder and piston kit. Low or no compression causes there to be no resistance when you pull the cord.

Starts and runs for a bit, then sputters and quits: This could be another sign of a bad carb, but also could be a cylinder/piston problem. Or it could be a case of a bad fuel mixture. tank.

Lots of smoke and leaking oil: That’s a case of a bad fuel mix or perhaps over filling the tank.

You are probably going  to want to change you air filters, oil/fuel lines and oil filters out before you start cutting this fall. They are inexpensive and are very important to your saw’s performance. Since you can change all of them out for $20.00 or less, why not. Other inexpensive items it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change out are your spark plugs, pull rope, oil/fuel caps, impulse lines and pawls. Keep your saw in good working order with new parts every once in a while and it will save you down time and also money.

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