Is the Logging Industry Evil?

In this era of liberalism run amok in the USA, many industries have been demonized. Environmentalists have had their sights on ruining the logging industry for years. Some of these extremists have gone so far as to “spike” trees in an attempt to damage equipment or even injure tree cutters. They claim cutting down trees ruins the environment and destroys the habitat of many animals. They also claim this causes global warming because fewer trees producing oxygen and providing shade warms up the planet.

But does this make sense? If a company is making money by cutting down and selling trees, then what is the worst thing that could happen to them? Running out of trees, of course. So these companies will plant trees to replace the trees they cut. Makes sense right? I live in an area where there is a Georgia-Pacific plant. So every day I see trucks loaded down with freshly cut trees on the way to the plant where they make paper products that you and I use every day. One would think there wouldn’t be a tree to be found anywhere within a hundred miles of this place. Yet, everywhere one looks on my one and a half hour commute to and from work it is nothing but trees. There has been barely a dent put in the tree population in the area. That is because no trees to cut means no more money. So they plant more trees.

If you believe that companies cutting down trees is immoral and they should be stopped, then I would ask you what you wipe your backside with every time you use the toilet. If you are using toilet paper, thank the people who cut down the trees necessary to make that toilet paper. I would also ask what you use to clean up small spills in your kitchen, or send with you children so they can write their school assignments on, or put in your printer when you need a printed document. What do you put in your fireplace to warm up your house? Again, thank the person who cut the tree down.

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