Chainsaws Can Be Very Dangerous

This past weekend, Hall of Fame PGA golfer Greg Norman nearly made a fatal mistake. Cutting limbs down at his Florida home, he nearly severed his left hand with a chainsaw. He narrowly missed the main artery in his wrist. Had he cut it he may have bled to death before he could get to the hospital. The 59-year old Norman, who was once of the game’s greatest players having won two British Open Championships and finishing second in all four of the “majors”, is still an exceptionally fit and coordinated individual. Yet even he nearly died at his home doing a seemingly easy chore with a chainsaw. That should give some indication of how dangerous these machines can be.

Please be sure to take every safety precaution when using chainsaws. Wear your safety goggles and gloves. Carry a first aid kit with you at all times as there will not always be cell reception or easy access where you may be cutting. But most of all, never take a chainsaw for granted. If it is running, it can cut you very badly.

Asked about the incident on the Today Show, Norman said that “at least I can still play tennis.”

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