Aftermarket vs Original: Which is Right for You?

Your chainsaw has quit working. What do you do now? Do you junk the saw and buy a new one? That is an option. But it is an option that can cost you over $500.00. Do you have an extra $500 laying around? If you don’t then you need to try and fix the saw. After all, cold weather is coming and the fireplace is not going to get bigger. So those logs need to get smaller.

So now you’ve decided to fix the saw. You can take it to a “dealer” who sells the brand of saw you have. But they tell you the parts and labor are going to cost as much as a new saw. So now what? You look online and see several “small engine repair” shops within driving distance. You call a few of them. They give you a price much lower than the dealer. Why is that?

It is because unlike the sealer, they are using aftermarket parts. What’s the difference?

There is no difference if your saw is back running and making big logs into ones that will fit into your fireplace. But you get what you pay for, right? Yes, you do, but then again, not always. Now you’re really confused aren’t you?

Aftermarket parts are copies of the originals. As with everything, some do it better than others. You wouldn’t want to buy an original Van Gogh to put in your office. That’s way too much money. But if you can find a really good copy, that would work, right? Obviously you don’t want one that anyone with two eyes can see is a fake. That’s a lot like how the aftermarket parts work.

If you go online and shop for aftermarket parts and you see the same parts but three different prices on them, a good rule is to not buy the least expensive. It’s like a general contractor taking bids from sub-contractors. They throw out the lowest bid. Why? Quality. But that doesn’t mean they will take the highest bid either. Why? Money.

If you do your research you will find Hyway products are not the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. That should give you an idea about our quality and our cost.

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