wood-shavingWe are Hyway, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chainsaw and mower parts. Based in Taiwan, we engineer and manufacture aftermarket parts to fit Stihl, Husqvarna and Partner chainsaw and cut-off saw.

We specialize in Nikasil cylinder and pistons kits. Nikasil plating is short for Nickel Silicon Carbide. Silicon Carbide is a very hard ceramic which is harder than steel. It can be dissolved in nickel and then electroplated onto the cylinder bore. This process is used by Formula One race teams as well as Champ Car. So if these high performance engines are doing this, then that lets you know how effective the Nikasil plating is.

A Nikasil plated cylinder has much better heat conductivity and engine tolerances can be set much tighter for better performance. These cylinders are also much more durable and do not have to be re-worked nearly as often.

Click on the links to see our inventory of parts for Stihl saws, etc., as we have a vast selection. We are committed to innovation and reliability to better serve our customers. Our customers expect quality parts that fit properly and we are committed to meeting that expectation.

Every day we are developing new products to fit small engines. These include air filters, AV buffers, bearings, clutches, crank cases, crankshafts, cylinders, pistons, fuel caps, fuel tanks, fuel lines, handlebars, mufflers, oil caps, oil pumps, sprockets, sprocket covers, and starters.

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